97 percent of Nollywood films don’t make profit—Lancelot Imaseun

By: jivenaija.com
Lancelot Imaseun on Nollywood movies
Nollywood producer Lancelot Imaseun

Nollywood producer Lancelot Imaseun has revealed that most Nollywood movies are not able to make any profit after they are sold.

The popular film maker made this statement on Sunday Scoop while talking about the movie industry and the lack of support from government as well as the audience.

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Imaseun claimed that Nollywod does not have the right audience and that is because Nigerians prefer movies from abroad instead of what is being done locally.

“We don’t have the right audience and that is turning out to be the biggest problem in the industry.

“We don’t have an appreciative audience because by the Nigerian standard, anything that is not made overseas is not good.

“Don’t get me wrong though; there are a lot of poor films, but Nigeria must show character by encouraging indigenous productions” he said.

Imaseun added that the resilience and the can-do spirit of Nollywood producers is what has kept the industry moving because most of them are not able to make any profit from their movies.

He said: “It has been very taxing for us because one would have to source for one’s stories and funds. Despite all these, Nollywood practitioners have been dogged and resilient.

“The never-say-die spirit of the average Nigerian is what has sustained the industry to this level. However, we have yet to get distribution right and pirates are still having a field day.

“Hardly does any filmmaker actually make a profit. Quote me anywhere, 97.9 per cent of films don’t make money. It is just mostly about pure razzmatazz.

“It is the survival of the fittest or the most cunning", Imaseun added.