61 short films selected to screen at CTIFMF

By: www.channel24.co.za
A scene in short film, Masquerading: To Hell and Back. (Screengrab: YouTube) which will show at CTIFMF

THE Cape Town International Film Market and Festival(CTIFMF) has selected 61 short films that will screen across 10 programmes at select venues at the V & A Waterfront between October 10-19.

Short films are an integral part of the CTIFMF and Festival Director Leon van der Merwe has always recognised the importance of this genre.

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"Short films are a necessity to keeping the entire film industry healthy. They fulfil two irrefutable roles, firstly, they allow up and coming talent the chance to get noticed and refine their style.

"And secondly, they also help to encourage creativity and originality that includes new ways of telling stories."

Amongst the films to be screened at CTIFMF are 17 South African shorts that include award winning director Reabetswe Moeti’s Mma Moeketsi that stars Keketso Semoko known for her role as Ma Agnes on Isidingo.

She is a domestic worker from rural Lesotho working for a suburban family in Johannesburg. Her son, Moeketsi, is an illegal miner at the North West mine. In the wake of the wage strike, Moeketsi’s phone is off and he is nowhere to be found.

Another film selected for CTIFMF is Fatima, another short from a South African director (Imran Hamduly), that tells the story of a young woman who defies her family's wish to enter into an arranged marriage and suffers a tragic consequence thereof.

Masquerading: To Hell and Back is Sofia de Fay’s bittersweet tale of a letter written by a 58-year-old Cape Coloured drag queen, Sandra Dee to her best friend, Samantha Fox celebrating their complicated 30-year friendship.

The letter takes us on a funny and poignant journey through their shared memories, Sandra Dee reminisces about their struggle to survive the Apartheid regime and the adventures and misfortune that befell them because of their colour and their transgender identity.

Another notable film is Cast Iron Can’t Be Welded, a short set in rural South Africa during the 1970s and directed by Buks Rossouw.

A farmer transporting a broken cast iron stove learns something about humanity from a hitchhiking schoolboy - but only after dropping him off.

Shorts from Zimbabwe, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Australia, the USA, China, Egypt and Denmark amongst other countries will be screened throughout the festival.