Ten signs your ex is still not over you

By: www.cosmopolitan.com
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BREAKING up is hard to do. For some people, the aftermath is even harder. You might not be sure if your ex has fully let go. Or maybe you're the one hoping for some reconciliation.

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While it's impossible to know where the two of you will end up, there are a few signs that could hint at your ex wanting to be... not an ex.

1. He still texts you “happy birthday” promptly. The closer to midnight he texts you, the less over you he is. If you’re getting some kind of half-baked “hey hbd” at 3 PM, that’s not as big a deal as “HAPPY BIRTHDAY [insert 18 emojis here]” right at midnight. Either way, he remembered, but that midnight text was very deliberate.

2. You still get invited to parties he throws. People who are over their ex don’t invite them to parties. Unless they’re REALLY over their ex. So either he’s so over you it doesn’t register, or he’s not over you at all. It seems confusing, but trust your gut.

3. You’re pretty sure he’s sent you what amounts to a “you up?” text at least once. It might not have been an obvious booty call, but he definitely sent you a few… suspicious messages. At 3 AM. Drunk. Wondering what you were up to.

4. He’s made a point to show you how much he’s grown and changed. When he contacts you sporadically, it’s to make sure you know he got a promotion at work, or moved out of his parent’s basement, or started making his bed everyday.

Whatever issues you had (or he thinks you had) with him, he wants you to know things are different now. You know, just in case you felt like trying again.

5. He hasn’t blocked you on social media. If the relationship crashed and burned, he would’ve cut you out of everything and made sure he’d never accidentally see your face again.

6. You can’t say for certain, but it seems like he’s maybe trying to make you jealous. He’s gone from the kind of guy that forgets he even has an instagram to suddenly sharing pics with other women constantly.

Suddenly your feed is filled with pics from his nights out, his lunch date with that friend you always suspected he had a thing for, his waitress at Applebees… literally anyone.

7. And at the same time, he doesn’t seem to be looking for any kind of serious relationship. Despite all the “fun” he seems to be having, he also seems to be keeping himself available.

8. You’ve heard he asks about you… a lot. Mutual friends mention that he always wants to know how you’re doing. Bonus points in this category if he specifically asks them not to tell you, but they tell you anyway.

9. You’ve been in a few of their #tbt posts. Even if it was a picture from that vacation you took together and he doesn’t mention you by name, it’s a pretty bold throwback move.

10. He’s made cryptic comments about feeling like things aren’t over. This is as obvious as it gets. He might as well be saying, “Hello, ex. I haven't stopped thinking about you ever since we broke up and would like to get back together again, please.”