Seven amazing health benefits of great sex life

sex improves glow of skin
glowing skin among others are some of the benefits of sex

SEX is the playground of any healthy relationship, so why is that, in time, we decrease our desire for something that feels so good?

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It is because we stop giving our all to the relationship and no longer see the benefit or excitement in getting intimate with our partners?

Making love with one person can be the best you can ever have because there is a level of comfort to be experimental, open and trusting in a way that cannot be had with a stranger.

Additionally, there are some serious health benefits to a great sex life to provide further enjoyment and motivation.

1. It improves your mood 
Why not use it as a mood booster rather than a supplement from the health food store? Sex has been shown to improve our mental health by building intimacy and reducing stress.

Having intercourse has shown to lower our blood pressure; it brings a sense of safety and security and it increases oxytocin, which is our feel good hormone. Shots of sex should be had as often as possible.

2. Helps you stay thin!
Don’t feel like going to the gym? Grab your partner and have some sex-cardio. Why not call it Sexercise! Sex burns between 75-150 calories per half hour.

It is a great way to stay connected to your health, your partner, and to that sexy body you think you can only get in the gym. Further, orgasms release testosterone, which is necessary for building lean muscle tissue!

3. Decreases risk for heart disease 
On the physical level, it raises our heart rate and blood flow and if you have it twice per week your risk of heart attack is reduced by almost half.

On the emotional level, sex decreases the feeling of heartbreak or love disease, loneliness and a lack of connection. It increases love and bonding and is an essential ingredient in maintaining a long-term loving relationship.

4. Improves sleep 
Because sex is a stress reliever, it has been shown that getting jiggy with your SO before bed produces a let-down of stress and induces a deep state of relaxation after orgasm. The body can completely relax emotionally and chemically.

5. Immune system booster 
Who needs medicine when you can use sex to keep your immune system in pristine shape? It increases certain antibodies known to boost your immune system.

So, instead of a painful flu shot or large doses of vitamins, make a sex date with your partner to stay healthy and vital!

6. Improves the glow of your skin 
Love making can keep you thin and make you glow! It has been shown to release a key compound in your body that is good for improving your complexion.

It is called DHEA, which many purchase over the counter to stay looking young. Worried about aging? Save your money on creams and supplements and have more sex!

7. Pain reliever 
Ever have cramps with your menstruation ladies? Sex has been shown to largely decrease this pain and pain of all other kinds. Don’t use that “headache” as an excuse to get out of sex, use it to get rid of your headache. It releases endorphins, which act as a powerful analgesic.

The benefits to sex far outweigh the “obligation” we often feel emotionally to have it. Of course a loving relationship is a baseline requirement but sometimes the best way to remember how much you love your partner is to be vulnerable and sexual.