Culture on display at Bissa Fitness Club launch

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Culture on display at launch of Bissa Fitness Club
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IF there is one thing you can trust about Ghanaians, it is that they don’t miss an opportunity to show off their culture in one form or the other at any event.

And that is exactly what happened at the launch of the Bissa Fitness Club recently at the Wembley Sports Arena in Accra.

The culture and traditions of the Bissa ethnic group from North eastern Ghana was showcased in the colourful clothes the women wore, their ornaments, the music and dance.

The event attracted dignitaries including the Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid and former Sports Minister, Dr Mustapha Ahmed, local chiefs,community leaders and elders from the Bissa ethnic group.

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The Bissa Fitness Club, according to its President Hussein Hassan Yorda has been set up to bring together young people, especially those of the Bissa ethnic group and other tribes to exercise and stay fit.

“Too many young people are dying from diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles so we thought it fit to come together to promote health living.  We do fitness mainly because we believe that sound minds live in healthy bodies. If we have a nation of healthy young people, it is definitely a step to securing a healthy good future.

“We also aim to empower our members and develop our individual capabilities for the development of our nation and we will do so through education, skill building and community support,” he said.

Members of the Bissa Fitness Club embarked on a walk before the launch

We’ve seen such clubs come and go due to lack of action but Hussein Hassan said they were not going to just die out.

“We do aerobics sessions twice a month, so that is already something to sustain us and we’re working to set up branches across all 16 regions of the country. We are also looking to do some external partnerships for other programmes we are lining up, all in the bid to sustain this project,” he said.

See more pictures below

The Bissa people are mainly farmers and these ladies were proud to show it off with their offerings

These ushers brightened up the launch

Music and dance added to the beauty of the launch

Former Sports Minister, Dr Mustapha Ahmed (left) exchanges pleasantries with Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, Dr Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid at the launch