Running a romantic bathtub need not be expensive

Romantic bathtub
Turn an ordinary bathtub into a romantic one with some simple touches.
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Turning a normal bathtub into a romantic one can be achieved without a considerable amount of effort.

Even if your bathtub isn't that big or doesn't have fancy features like jets, you can still make it romantic for a quiet evening alone with your partner.

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Whether you're celebrating something special or just want to unwind after a stressful day, consider surprising your significant other with some special touches that will make your bathroom appealing, sensuous and romantic for you both.

Step 1

Adjust the lighting in your bathroom to cast a nice glow on your bathtub. If necessary, turn off the lights altogether and spread candles all around the outside of it.
You can also put them on the floor or on the bathroom counter. Use small tea light candles to add lots of light and ambiance to make the bathtub appear romantic.

Step 2

Sprinkle flower petals around the outside of the bathtub, in the water or around the candles. Use soft and romantic colors like pink, white or red. You can also put fresh flowers in vases and spread them around it.

Step 3

Add aromatic bath beads or bubble bath to the bathtub. Scents like lavender, rose, vanilla or amber tend to have soft and soothing fragrances that can add to the romance of the bathtub and your experience.

Step 4

Burn some incense at the foot of the bath to add more fragrance to the room. Use a scent like sandalwood or cedarwood to add a sweet, earthy smell that can enhance the romance of the bathroom through aromatherapy.

Step 5

Put a loofa or a soft sponge in the bathtub that you can use to wash one another. You can also fold up fresh washcloths and arrange them on the side of the bathtub with some flower petals sprinkled on top.

Things You Will Need

• Candles
• Music
• Rose or flower petals
• Incense
• Bath beads or bubble bath
• Loofa or washcloths