Kay Y out with Wall Nail

By: Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu

THERE are one too many songs on the market about relationships; there are those that seek the attention of a woman or man, those that urge call for submission, compromise and those that celebrate their partners.

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However, Afrobeats musician, Kay Y is choosing to focus on what happens in the bedroom with his latest single, Wall Nail, which features rapper, Yahbwoy.

According to him, it is time men paid attention to the sexual needs of their partners. “Love in a relationship or marriage is good but there are other factors which we tend to ignore and sex is one of them. I am part of the people who believe that one of the reasons people cheat is because of sex and it is serious.

“Wall Nail talks about a man who wants to do everything to make his woman happy by giving her the best sex of her life. People are not usually comfortable talking about sex but I honestly don’t see why.

“It is part of our lives so as a man, it is your duty to make sure your wife is okay so as you give her money to go shopping, take her to the best places and all, remember to give her your best when it is bedtime.”
Again, another angle Wall Nail seeks to explore is encouraging women to be bold and ask for sex whenever they want it.

“It is time for women to take this up and demand what will make them happy, when you do not talk things fall apart. To avoid cheating on your man, ask for it when you need it and if he doesn’t give it to you tell him. Discuss it with him, tell him how you want it and then move on,” he told Showbiz.

Wall Nail, which was released a week ago, is about three minutes long and it is sung in Twi and English Language. It has a danceable rhythm and due to the topic being discussed, there are a lot of proverbs which Yahbwoy said was deliberate.

“We want the song played everywhere irrespective of the time so we had to use a lot of proverbs and innuendos to send the message across. In as much as went to be heard, we had to also consider what is allowed and what is not,” he explained.