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Graphic Newsplus: Connecting People through News.


About Graphic NewsPlus

Graphic NewsPlus provides you with digital versions of Graphic Communications’ six leading newspaper publications: The Daily Graphic, Graphic Business, Graphic Showbiz, The Mirror, Graphic Sports and Junior Graphic.

This is a completely new version which offers readers access to both digital versions of newspapers and content from our 24-hour news website in addition to breaking news alerts.

This new version named Graphic NewsPlus is also packed with multimedia content such as video documentaries, podcasts, voice notes and photo galleries carefully curated to inform, entertain and educate you on current and latest news in Ghana.


Digital replicas of the six newspapers

The Graphic NewsPlus offers duplicates of our newspapers and also gives access
on both app and web version 

24 Hour News feed from Graphic

NewsPlus Provides 24-hour news feed from Ghana and the rest of the world


Real-time breaking news alerts

Get breaking news alerts as and when it happens straight from the NewsPlus

Access to previously purchased papers

With the NewsPlus users can access previous editions of Graphic newspapers. PDF Newspaper file is available for download at a fee


No 3, Graphic Road, Accra


Phone: +233 0302 684 0006 - 10