I am not interested in becoming PNC running-mate - Paul Adom Otchere

Author: Kweku Zurek
Paul Adom Otchere
Paul Adom Otchere


Broadcast journalist, Paul Adom Otchere, has distanced himself from the Peoples National Convention's ticket for the 2016 elections.

The Chairman of the PNC, Bernard Mornah in an interview on TV3 last Tuesday said the party was considering the Good Evening Ghana host as a running mate for their Presidential nominee, Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama.

Mr Mornah said, "Over the years, we might have been accessing Paul Adom Otchere and his potentialities and seen in him that he has something that he should be able to offer the people of Ghana."

However, Mr Adom Otchere in a response disqualified himself from the race to become PNC running-mate.

He explained that, the rumors began as a joke when he offered himself for the role in jest in an interview with Dr Mahama on his Good Evening Ghana programme.

"I was interviewing Dr Mahama on TV when I asked about who was going to be his running-mate and he pondered over it, so I jokingly said has he thought about me and he said he hasn't but he would, so that is how far this story goes.

"I think Bernard (Mornah) was just shrugging off the pressure of the media wanting to know who their running-mate is so he put-up my name. It's not to be taken very seriously."

He added that he was not qualified to run on the ticket of the party because he is not a member of the PNC.

The PNC leadership are expected to name a running-mate by August 17.