Fifth Columnists, uncouth persons have taken over NPP - Wereko-Brobby

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Dr. Charles Wereko-BrobbyEstranged New Patriotic Party founding member, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby has announced he is prepared now to join his attackers in the gutter and sling the mud together, threatening to expose every one of many in the party he says are hypocrites.

He says persons fit to be described as fifth columnists and uncouth, have besieged the party and are bent on destroying it, but he warns that those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones or go jumping over fire when they have cotton fixed between their legs. 

On Asempa FM Wednesday, a charged Wereko-Brobby said while he is ready to engage in intellectual discussions with anyone, he will no longer take the many insults directed at his person from individuals in the party lying down.

He singled out NPP General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, aka Sir John; Deputy Head of Communications at the NPP, Perry Okudzeto; party Youth Organiser Anthony Karbo and businessman Kennedy Agyapong, throwing several questions their way for them to provide answers.

For Sir John, Wereko-Brobby wants him to tell Ghanaians why he left the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation; he must also tell who it is that allegedly bought him a vehicle from a judgment debt payment; and finally, why he is able to issue statements on even the most minute of issues but has chosen to go mum on issues rearing their heads at the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development Agency (GYEEDA), and elsewhere.

He said for a man who calls himself a lawyer, Sir John should be able to engage people at the intellectual level and stop his resort to insults since he is not the only one capable of insults. In the memory of the late Prof. PAV Ansah of the Ghanaian Chronicle fame, he would ‘go to town’.

Wereko-Brobby did not understand why Perry Okudzeto, a man he said he had helped before when he needed help, could speak ill of him, wondering “what are these people up to?”

“I am giving my views, that we change the nature of the discussion, or we can be civilised about the discussion,” he maintained.

For Anthony Karbo, Wereko-Brobby said the party had fought and won political victory when he completed school and was handed a job and scholarship, and wants him to answer the question of who it is that funded his inaugural meeting to formulate a strategic plan as a youth leader.

Karbo must also answer how come, ahead of the 2012 elections, he was caught on tape claiming that Akans had hijacked the NPP party and were destroying it. Karbo must also tell how he ekes a living.

According to Wereko-Brobby, he had assigned Karbo to monitor the 2004 elections in Wa, however he heard Karbo’s voice on radio and called to ask him how he was monitoring the elections, only for Karbo to tell him that he was “stringing for a number of radio stations.”

Wereko-Brobby claimed that it is such inability to watch one’s own elections is what has landed the party at the Supreme Court.

Wereko-Brobby is facing disciplinary action by the party following his disagreements and subsequent treatises over the party’s decision to go to court over allegations that over voting and other irregularities cost the party the presidential seat.

In the meantime, he also wants Ken Agyapong, a party elder to tell the world how he came by money to set up his business, claiming that when he first kicked against the party’s court action over the outcome of the elections, Ken Agyapong was one of the earliest to support his stance. He said if Mr. Agyapong has had a change of mind, he should say his mind and leave him alone.

“There are hypocrites and insincere people in our party,” charged Wereko-Brobby, who said if they will fight him, he “will expose every one of them.”

But in a quick riposte, Perry Okudzeto said he was shocked at the conduct of the elderly Wereko-Brobby, who he also described as one old enough to be his own father and with whom he dares not descend together into the gutter. He said never had he complained to Dr. Wereko-Brobby of hunger or that he was not being paid by his employers, restraining himself from responding further less he breached his own principles.

Story: Isaac Yeboah/
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