Coronavirus: Don't walk in fear, have covenant with God

BY: Zadok Kwame Gyesi
Rev. Bright Owiredu
Rev. Bright Owiredu

Christians who are terrified by the Coronavirus pandemic have been admonished not to walk in fear but to develop a covenant with God to enjoy God's protection against the disease.

The Head Pastor of the Sakumono branch of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI), Rev. Bright Owiredu, believes that God always protects those that have a covenant with Him.

According to him, there was no need for Christians who have a covenant with God to be frightened by the Coronavirus pandemic, as God always has a way out for His chosen people.

Rev. Owiredu was delivering a sermon based on Second Chronicles chapter seven verses fourteen, (2 Chronicles 7:14) in a live service on the  internet on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

Public gathering

The government of Ghana on March 15, 2020, suspended all public gatherings as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease in Ghana.

Following that, many religious bodies have been resorting to the use of the internet to organise services for their members in their various homes.


Speaking on the Coronavirus pandemic, Rev. Owiredu said in the Bible, there were several examples of plagues that happened to people but those who had a covenant with God did not suffer such plaques because they had God's protection.

He noted that because of the coronavirus, many Christians "are walking in fear."

"Those who are living in fear, I pray that the power of God will touch you," he prayed, pointing out that "when we turn away from our wicked ways, God will take away this deadly plaque from us."

Rev. Owiredu was of the view that where there was fear, God could not work and that Satan operated more where there was fear.

He said believers' lives were hidden in Christ and that those who sought him had secured protection from above since Christ had power over life and death.

"Life begins to go down when you walk in fear," he said, stressing "don't walk as if you don't know God; we are not alone, God is watching your back."

He explained that in the Bible, when people encountered problems and believers prayed, they found solutions from God.

Right with God

He said people needed to become right with God to enjoy God's protection, saying "once you have solid relationship with God, you will not die."

He has, therefore, urged Christians to study the word of God as well as to turn away from their sins, pointing out that "if we will do our part, God will also do His part."

"I want you to take a second look at your position with God", Rev. Owiredu entreated Christians, saying "if you are not praying, this is the time to pray. If you are not studying the word of God, this is the time to study the word."


Rev. Owiredu prayed for all Ghanaians and also asked everyone to comply with state's directives toward combating the disease and its spread in the country.

"We need to humble ourselves in this time by complying with preventive directives," he admonished all Ghanaians.