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Sun, Oct

‘Show more interest in the education of children’

Mrs Mabel Esi Asigbetse, Deputy Director, Supervision, Accra Metro Education Unit, speaking at the event. Picture: NII MARTEY M. BOTCHWAY

The Accra Metro Education Supervisor, Mrs Mabel Esi Asigbetse, has advised parents to show more interest in the education of their children and also motivate them to show interest in their school activities.

“Parents must not only watch their children go to school and return home; they should engage them by asking them what they learn every day. This would encourage the child and assure him or her of how his studies concern you,” she added.

She was speaking on behalf of the District Commander, Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Mrs Eunice Ida Odonkoh, at a community durbar organised by the SOS Children’s Villages in Accra last Tuesday, on the theme: “Sustainable Quality Education in the Community: The role of relevant stakeholders.”

Parental care

The project aims at working to meet the needs and protect the interest and rights of children without parental care and children at the risk of losing the care of their parents.

Mrs Asigbetse said the project was to sensitise the parents to see themselves as an important influence in their children’s education.

She also urged the parents to give the necessary support that the children may need.

“Parents must take responsibility by presenting their children to school to participate in school activities,” she said.

Aim of project

The National Programmes Coordinator for SOS Children’s Villages, Mr George Yaw Boateng, said the project sought to empower communities to take ownership of education at their own level.

It further aims at empowering the community to see the public schools as theirs and support them with their resources, energy and time.

“Parents are not to leave the education of the child solely to teachers; take it into your own hands and provide the basic needs for your children,” he said.

Mr Boateng said the vision of SOS Children’s Villages “is that every child should receive the appropriate care, protection and equal opportunities in life.”

“Children must have access to proper social services, including food, health, shelter, clothing and quality education,” he added.