Renewal Christian Center's support to Bawjiase orphanage

The Ahankrasu CHPS compound
The Ahankrasu CHPS compound

Renewal Christian Center, Maryland USA, headed by Rev. Dr. A.B.K. Appiah, became connected with Countryside Orphanage, Bawjiase, through Rev. Sammy and Mrs Florence Adjepong of Alpha Beta Educational Centers, Accra.

With their global vision of changing lives and helping to release people to their full potential, RCC set up an SHS Educational Fund on July 6, 2005 to support children at the orphanage.

This sponsorship was a full scholarship that took care of admission fees, tuition. provision, pocket money, house dues, WASSE registration fees and other related expenses.

Through this Educational Fund, 38 children have successfully completed their senior high school course.

By dint of hard work, 16 out of the children have successfully completed universities and training colleges across Ghana.

One of them obtained 1st Class in Business Administration and proceeded to obtain a Masters degree at the University of Ghana, Legon in 2019.

Another female student also obtained a 2nd Class Upper Degree in Procurement.

Some also obtained degrees in Analytical Chemistry, Bachelor of Commerce, Agricultural Technology, Accounting, Marketing and HND ICT.

Some just completed their National Service and are looking for jobs. Others also want to further their courses and need sponsors.

Renewal Christian Center apart from the sponsorship has given an opportunity to help several needy children to reach greater heights in their academic pursuits.

Currently, Renewal Christian Center has just finished providing a new bore hole for the orphanage to help cut down the cost of water bills. They have also provided a booster pump to facilitate the provision of water for the female bathrooms.

In addition, they have given the orphanage a new look by undertaking some much needed painting and renovations.