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BY: Arku Jasmine

Vice-President Paa Kwesi Amissah-ArthurThe Vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has urged Ghanaians to support President John Dramani Mahama in order for him to do the work for which he was elected.

Speaking to the media after the Supreme Court verdict which upheld the validity of President Mahama’s election as president, the Vice President noted that the economy had been unstable over the last eight months that the petition had been going on and therefore called on Ghanaians to help the government work towards the economic growth of the country.

“This is finally over, it’s been a long period of uncertainty and of wait but it’s over and we have to get on with the business of developing this country. We hope that everybody will get on with supporting the president in doing the work that he was elected to do,” he said.

Uncertainty and anxiety

Speaking on the overall outlook of the election petition, Mr Amissah-Arthur conceded that he was a little anxious especially when the judges failed to turn up in the court at the usual time that they were expected to.

“I think that we were all excited at 10 o’clock. We thought that they were going to do it quickly and it took a couple of hours; more than 2 and half hours and at that time, we were a little anxious why they were taking so much time. But we’ve waited eight months and I was in no doubt the outcome of this case,” he said.

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In his opinion he thought that the NPP had a weak case “but they had very good communications that made a weak case look strong.”

Governance continues

Vice President Amissah-Arthur further noted that it was important for the country to pick up from where it had left off in the last eight months that the petition was before the Supreme Court.

“I believe that John Mahama won the elections fairly and squarely and he should have been allowed to get on with the business of running this country. We decided very early on that we will let the lawyers to just do their work in court and we will continue with the act of governance

“But you know that even though we wanted to continue with governance there were a quite a number of people who were uncertain about the outcome of the case and therefore, it was a little difficult. But now, it is very clear and we are getting on with the business of governance,” he added.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that President John Dramani Mahama validly won the 2012 Presidential Elections.

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