I blame the forestry commission and the ministry for the savaging of the rosewood - Clement Apaak

BY: Darkoa Portia Nana
Dr Clement A. Apaak
Dr Clement A. Apaak

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Builsa South constituency Dr. Clement Apaak has blamed the forestry commission and the ministry for the savaging that is ongoing in his constituency.

Speaking on a Ghana base radio station Asempa FM on Ekosisen, honorable Apaak stated that as long the forestry commission and the ministries have the capacity to ensure savage permit, the merchants will find ways to ensure that the trees are cut for the loges to be on the ground at a conduit for them to engage in their continues pillaging of the savanna woodland forest.

”The truth is that the company pay their agent to go and cut down the rose wood and after cutting down these trees the companies themselves will then go to the forestry commission to inform them on their awareness of the loges which are of economic value and therefore they need permit to go and savage, which the forestry commission through the ministries then they will grant them the permit”, he stated.

Honorable Apaak added that there are no laws in in his constituency which permit any company to go and savage the woodland.

He went on to say that the forestry commission is complicit and there are people in the ministries who are also complicit and so those unscrupulous merchant certainly are the financers of the illegality against the part of the country where we already know that climate change and the consequence worry the people in that area.

Honorable Apaak then said the only way to prevent these fraudulent activity from going on is to insisted on the fact that the recommendation made by the parliamentary said committee on lands and forestry in response to my statement which parliament have adopted it should be implemented in full.

“From henceforth there should not be the possibility for anyone to issue a savage permit to anybody to savage the rosewood, which is the only way to prevent these fraudulent activity from going on “he added.

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