Gomoa Lome: Mentally unstable man inflicts knife wounds on 2 persons

BY: Gilbert Mawuli Agbey
File photo
File photo

A 26-year-old mentally deranged man went berserk last Monday morning and inflicted knife wounds on his niece and a 60-year-old woman at Gomoa Lome in the Gomoa Central District of the Central Region.

The 10-year-old girl, whose name has only been given as Mavis, refused to give food to her uncle which angered him and he picked a knife and inflicted knife wounds on her back.

The suspect, who has been identified as Nana Yaw while running away into a nearby bush, pounced upon Maame Efua Amissah, a 60-year-old woman who was weeding on her farm, and slashed her right arms before escaping into the bush.

According to information gathered from residents in the town, Nana Yaw had been mentally unstable for some time now but his family members had not made frantic efforts to send him to the psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Rather, they have kept him in one of the rooms in the family house although his condition kept on deteriorating every passing day.


Confirming the incident to Graphic Online on Tuesday, a former Assembly Member for the Gomoa Lome Electoral Area, Mr Emmanuel Akyer said on that fateful day, the 10-year-old girl in the company of her siblings prepared food in the morning in the house.

He noted that immediately the food was ready, Nana Yaw suddenly came out from his room and asked the children to give him some of the food since he was hungry but they refused to give him some of the food.

He said that Nana Yaw became angry and picked a sharp knife which was used in the preparation of the food and inflicted a deep knife wound on his niece’s back who started crying uncontrollably which attracted many neigbours to the scene.

He stated that sensing danger, Nana Yaw took to his heels and ran towards a nearby bush and in the process bumped into an old woman who was working on her farm, attacked her and inflicted similar wounds on her.

He stated some residents who besieged the scene rushed the injured to the St Luke Catholic hospital at Apam but were referred to the Trauma and Specialist hospital at Winneba due to the severity of the injuries.

According to Mr Akyer, some angry residents chased and arrested Nana Yaw and subjected him to severe beating who had been abandoned in the community.

Meanwhile, police personnel stationed at the Gomoa Dawurampong District Police Command have instructed Nana Yaw’s family to send him to the psychiatric hospital for immediate treatment to prevent a recurrence of the incident.