GhIE President calls for storm water management plan

BY: Charles Andoh
Ing. Kwaku Boampong delivering the 46th Presidential Address of the institution in Accra.

The President of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE), Ing. Kwaku Boampong, has called for a proactive storm water management plan that would help resolve the perennial flooding in the country.

He has also proposed to the government to put together engineers with multi-disciplinary expertise who would ensure the smooth implementation of the plan.


The experts,  Ing. Boampong said, would also provide constant advice and consultancy on building projects in the country to help manage storm water.

He added that the members should be made up of professionals from the various engineering fields who would offer expert and prompt solutions in civil engineering, town planning and environmental issues.

The body to be created, he indicated, should work hand in hand with the appropriate authorities to ensure that the necessary legal and policy frameworks were adhered to.

President’s inaugural address

Ing. Boampong was delivering the 46th Presidential Address of the institution in Accra last Thursday.

He was speaking on the theme, “Engineering for sustainable urban storm water management.” 

The presidential address gives the incumbent president the opportunity to offer some workable solutions to engineering problems in the country.

This year’s event brought together past presidents of the institute, council members and representatives of sister professional bodies in the country.

Additional regulations

 Ing Boampong said there was the need to formulate additional regulations for a sustainable storm water drainage system or management.

“Major developments and redevelopments in already developed areas should be required to produce storm water management plans similar to traffic management plans”, he further suggested.

“Developers must certify on drawings that all clearings, grading, drainage, construction and development shall be constructed in strict accordance with the plans,” he added.

The president further called for rainwater harvesting to be encouraged.