Ghana's Consular to Dubai welcomes inventor and nanotechnology expert Dr Thomas Mensah

BY: Graphic.com.gh
Ghana's Consul General in Dubai, Samata Gifty Bukari and Dr Thomas Mensah
Ghana's Consul General in Dubai, Samata Gifty Bukari and Dr Thomas Mensah

Ghana's Consul General in Dubai, Samata Gifty Bukari welcomed Dr Thomas Mensah who was the invited keynote speaker at the 2019 World Nanotechnology conference in Dubai this year.

The Consular General who attended the keynote lecture was impressed by the reaction of the participants at the conference to the delivery and performance of Dr. Thomas Mensah.

She also attended the conference gala and interacted with experts from 20 countries at the Conference.

Participants from the United States of America, UK, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt, Russia, Japan and South Korea as well as professors, industry experts and scientists discussed advances in the field.

Dr. Mensah spoke on the application of Nanotechnology that can transform the economies of both emerging and the developed countries of the world.

He described the application in weapons like armour tanks, armour commercial vehicles and body armour for military personnel including very light bulletproof vests.

He discussed Nanotechnology applications in advanced drones or unmanned aerial vehicles and new developments for cell phone batteries that can last a week without charging.

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Closer to home, he discussed applications in thin film packaging that protect food and meat in the grocery store by acting as oxygen barriers to extend the shelf life of food.

Following the conference, Dr. Thomas Mensah and the Consular General attended high-level meetings with potential investors interested in financing projects in Ghana.

The Consular General thanked Dr. Mensah on behalf of the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Country for his accomplishments and efforts to modernize Ghana.

Dr. Thomas Mensah who is the Founder of Silicon Valley of Ghana is the author of four books on Innovation including the International Text Book, Nanotechnology Commercialization used in many countries around the world.