Women in auto spare parts business form association

BY: Juliet Akyaa Safo
Mrs Margaret Ansong (right) interacting with some members of the association, after the programme. Picture: EDNA ADU-SERWAA
Mrs Margaret Ansong (right) interacting with some members of the association, after the programme. Picture: EDNA ADU-SERWAA

Some women who deal in spare parts in  Accra have come together to form an association.

Known as the Spare Parts Ladies Association (SPLA), the group also serves as the women’s wing of the Abossey-Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association (ABOSPDA).

The aim of the group is to encourage unity and respect among its members and the entire Abossey-Okai spare parts dealers community.

With a registered membership of 231, the group held its first meeting in Accra on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

Present at the meeting were the co-Chairmen of the ABOSPDA, Mr Siaw Ampadu and Mr Clement Boateng, and some executive members of ABOSPDA.


A leading member of the SPLA, Mrs Margaret Ansong, in an interview, said the formation of the association was influenced by the increase in the number of women dealing in spare parts.

“Before, the women in the spare parts business were few, but as the number increased, we thought it wise to create the group to strengthen and sustain our role in the business,” she said.

Mrs Ansong said they would, among others, undertake clean-up exercises to improve the sanitary conditions in the area and involve themselves in national activities such as the National Independence Day and May Day celebrations.

Auto fair

 Mr Siaw Ampadu expressed his support for the formation of SPLA, saying its existence would help in pushing activities of spare parts dealers forward.

He announced during the meeting that the ABOSPDA was putting in place plans to organise a three-day Auto Spare Parts Fair in September this year to showcase their operations  in Abossey-Okai.

According to him, the purpose of the fair was to promote a one-on-one contact with recognised dealers in the area, while reducing the operations of middlemen, popularly known as “goro boys” within the Abossey-Okai spare parts hub.

He said the proposed date for the fair was from September 23 to September 27, 2019.


He also mentioned in an interview that they were in talks with authorities to set up a mechanism that would insure spare parts dealers so they could be catered for as and when they retire from the business.

“The executive of the association is planning to collaborate with some financial institutions to put in place a mechanism that would cater for dealers during their old age,” he said.

Women in spare parts

Some female dealers in the business who spoke to the Daily Graphic debunked assertions that the business was difficult.

They explained that the business was rather profitable and thus encouraged more women to go into it.

Asked how she entered into the business, Mrs Mercy Quaye said she was introduced to the business by her husband, likewise Mrs Gifty Fiano, who said she had to quit her secretarial job to support her husband.

However, Ms Olivia Frimpong and Ms Janet Pomaa, for their part, said they started on their own through buying the spare parts on credit.