Sasha undergoing treatment after weeks of vision loss from keratitis due to poor quality lashes and lash glue
Sasha undergoing treatment after weeks of vision loss from keratitis due to poor quality lashes and lash glue

From pain to purpose: The Birth of SlashBeauty

How did one woman’s vision loss inspire a bold, iconic and safer beauty revolution in Ghana, setting the standards for many beauty brands today?


In 2016, a personal tragedy set the stage for an inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Sasha Sahnoon, a beauty enthusiast, found herself grappling with a severe case of Keratitis, an inflammation of the eye cornea.

The culprit? Poor-quality lashes and lash glue that impaired her vision (blind) for weeks. This harrowing experience opened her eyes to a glaring issue in the beauty industry: The need for safer, high-quality beauty products.

Determined to turn her ordeal into an opportunity, Sasha embarked on a mission to ensure that no one else would suffer as she did. This resolve culminated in the founding of Slash, cleverly named after "Sasha's lashes."

Over time, the brand evolved into SlashBeauty, reflecting its broader commitment to enhancing beauty standards.

Beauty Industry

SlashBeauty officially launched in December 2018, marking the beginning of a new era in the beauty industry. From its inception, the brand has been unwavering in its dedication to offering safe, high-quality beauty products.

Sasha Sahnoon  — SlashBeauty CEO

Sasha Sahnoon — SlashBeauty CEO 

Today, SlashBeauty stands as a beacon of trust and excellence, providing a comprehensive range of beauty essentials. Their product line includes premium lashes, lash glue, tools, accessories and lip products, all designed with utmost care and precision.

The success of SlashBeauty is not just in its products but in its philosophy. At the heart of the brand is an unyielding commitment to quality and safety. Each product is a testament to Sasha’s vision of a beauty industry where consumers do not have to compromise on health for beauty.

"We're here to offer more than just products," says Sasha. "We're here to offer peace of mind and to elevate your beauty routine with products that you can trust."

As SlashBeauty continues to innovate, it remains steadfast in its mission to transform the beauty landscape. With a growing community of loyal customers and a dedication to continuous improvement, the brand is poised for a bright future.

Experience the true essence of beauty with SlashBeauty. As Sasha puts it, "With you right by our side, our best years are ahead of us!"

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