Brotherhood of the Cross and Star holds peace march for Ghana

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star have undertaken an intercessory march in Accra to pray peace upon Ghana ahead of the nation’s 2020 general elections.

Several hundreds of Ghanaian congregants, joined by delegates from Nigeria, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, USA, Uganda and the UK, marched from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra through selected principal streets before ending at the Independence Square to pray.

Adorned in unspotted white clothes, members carried placards some of which read “Peacemakers are children of God”, “Be a peace advocate”, “Let us live in peace, Ghana”, “God is the giver of peace”, “Ghana needs heavenly peace in all affairs”, “In peace there is joy and happiness”, “Give God your worries and He will give you peace” and “Peace, a tool for conflict resolution”.

They congregated at the foot of the Independence Arc and offered prayers, calling on God to shower His peace unto the nation and hold it together now and beyond.

Christ Shepherd Chika Nwaka told all to rejoice because God has bestowed peace in Ghana, in the sub region and in the world, saying Ghanaians must be the happiest people on earth because they are specially loved by God who has saturated all hearts with His peace.

“Today Almighty God has saturated our hearts. That is the meaning of that saying that this is the era of the Holy Spirit. His power has saturated our minds and confirmed us to be children of the Holy Spirit. All you need to do is to keep giving thanks and you will testify that this mission has transformed you unto Himself and has made you one with Him, all His authority has been given unto you. All you need to do is to glorify God.”

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Dubbed the Ghana Peace March 2019, it was organized by the Association of Brotherhood Academic Scholars (the intellectual wing of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star), to ask God to take charge of affairs as the country prepares to go to the polls next year, so that the elections will be peaceful and successful.

Spokesperson for the Ghana Peace March 2019, His Grace Arch Bishop Joseph Dike, a former spokesperson for the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, told Graphic Online that all the signs point to a difficult polls next year if God does not step in hence the decision to pray peace into the nation.

“Even you men of the Fourth Estate know that if God does not step into the Ghana story, 2020 will mark a story that Ghanaians will not forget in a long time. The two prime political parties have tall credentials and big records, and they are eager to make sure that their parties, either of them, come into power to consolidate on what they have, and in order to achieve that ambition they are ready to do anything”, he said.

He said for this reason, the Leader of the Brotherhood, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, sent forth his children to march and invoke God’s peace into the country, just as they had done previously in Nigeria and Liberia when all thought the end had come.

“He sent his children to the Republic of Ghana that we should go round Ghana, visit all the dignitaries and all the leaders, religious and otherwise, and inform them of the need for peace, then march in the heart of Accra to the soul of Ghana, because where we stepped in today, at the Independence Square that is the soul of Ghana, so that when we stand there and pray and invoke the Spirit of God into the land of Ghana, the Spirit of God must take control. And that Spirit of God has indeed taken control, God will keep you alive to witness the 2020 elections. Minus a few skirmishes here-and-there which is natural once politicians are involved, the elections will go successfully and the right candidate, which is the choice of the Holy Spirit, will emerge to lead Ghana. And not only that, it is bound to usher Ghana into a greater era of prosperity and peace because without peace, there cannot be progress, but once peace is instituted in a land, progress must follow it, wealth must accompany it, cohesion, brotherliness must come into place.”

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, otherwise known as Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity, according to members, is the new kingdom of God on earth where congregants are taught the practical dynamics of a true life in Christ and established by the Holy Spirit (Comforter) in fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s saying in John 16:8. They also believe in the oneness of all of God’s creation and enjoins all to strive to live in peace and harmony with one another.