"Buying SUVs for govt officials is waste of resources"

BY: Seth J. Bokpe

The Director of the United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU-INRA), De Elias Ayuk, says Ghana is wasting resources in acquisition of SUVs for government officials.

“If government officials want to use SUVs, they should pay for it. Take a calculator and do a simple maths of the number of ministers and the funds that go into buying SUVs,” he said at a Natural Resources Breakfast meeting in Accra.

The meeting was meant to discuss how Ghana could use its natural resources to power its development beyond aid as the country pursues its Ghana beyond aid agenda.

He said there were good examples of how resource allocation to public officials could be done without draining the public purse, citing Rwanda as an example.

He said while Ghana beyond aid was possible, the country needed to strengthen its institutions and use its resources judiciously.