Binatone launches Black Friday, Christmas deals for customers

This gesture is for Binatone to cater for the various needs of its many customers with home and kitchen appliances during this period.

Speaking at a launch on Friday, November 19 in Accra, the company’s Head of Sales, Mr Bighnesh Padhee disclosed that attractive deals were on offer for multiple Binatone products nationwide.

He noted that the gesture was to help identify trends and answer consumer needs with unique, affordable, and well-designed products.  

“This we believe is in the right direction to help satisfy our customers as they approach the festive season.

“It is very important to ensure that you answer consumers needs with unique and affordable products and that is what we are looking forward to,” Mr Padhee said.

He also highlighted some of the innovative products that were recently launched with affordable prices such as Air Purifier (AP 450) which enhances clean air, dust free fresh air, crisp and pure atmosphere and rice cooker with saute function, juicers, kettles, microwaves, ovens and kitchen machine among others.

Binatone, founded in the United Kingdom in 1958, is consistently delighting customers with high quality, innovative products at affordable prices.