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Are you a good cook?

Author: Dr John Boakye
Men are advised to cook with their women and eat together.
Men are advised to cook with their women and eat together.

Food is any edible substance which sustains life, generates energy and provides growth, maintenance and health.

It promotes the holistic development of life. You are what you eat. Food is, therefore, a basic human need. There is also a fundamental fusion of food with sensuality and pleasure.

Food and sexual love

Food and sex are two basic ingredients of life. Sexual love provides nutrition of a sort. Food well prepared and balanced touches all our senses; alluring fragrance, pleasurable sight, sound of savouring the food and sublime taste just as passionate sex does. 

Simply put, food nourishes the body from inside out; sex feeds the body from inside out. Together, they create life and promote marriage. 

There is, therefore, a strong link between good food and healthy marriage. When you enjoy the pleasures of the table, you are more likely to bond better and have a better marriage.

The problems

Good food is not about taste, colour or taste. It is about the nutrition you get from balanced diet prepared in the right way. Bad food harms you. In fact, studies show majority of our diseases are caused by poor diet.

 Poor cooking is, however, a universal problem. For example, a renowned sociologist says the US has two major problems; marriage and food.

Sadly, many cases come in about Ghanaian women, especially graduate wives who can’t cook. They are dada mma or daughters of affluent couples and had house helps cooking and doing everything for them. 

They marry with no cooking skills. When they cook, they themselves can’t tell if  it is soup or stew; maybe it is multipurpose!

 Some find excuses to eat outside or bring in ‘take away’. If these women have husbands or mother-in-laws who can cook very well, their husbands don’t enjoy their cooking in the home and this has put many marriages at risk.

There are also those who are bad at cooking and hire a ‘lawyer’ – salted fish or koobi in everything they cook. They add koobi (Salted tilapia) to soup, koobi to stew and koobi even to vegetable salad! It’s koobi here, there and everywhere! This is because koobi is agye baabiara and will cover all bad taste and aroma in cooking.

There are also those women who mandate their househelps to cook for their husbands, oblivious of the fact that there is a strong link between food and sex. Unaware, they simply promote unhealthy relationship between their husbands and househelps. 

If your househelp is serving your man on the table, she may also do so in bed. This partly explains the rising cases of husbands in amorous relationship with their househelps.

In Ghana, cooking is traditionally reserved for women and men who cook do not get much respect. In fact, sugyani, the Akan word for bachelor mean one who fetches fire to cook. Most Ghanaian husbands can’t cook and those who can cook fail to do so because they see it as affront to their self-esteem.

Are you a good cook?

Nobody is born a good cook because cooking is an art; it improves by learning and practicing. Even great chefs began with basics. 

The good news is that Nora Ephron, an American  and  novelist, says cooking is the only thing in life where if you follow the rules, you are guaranteed results. Therefore, no matter how good you think you are, make efforts to improve upon your cooking skills because good food is direct route to your man’s heart. 

Most men also admit that good food melt their hard feelings. There is power and love in good cooking.

Good cooking gives a sense of fulfillment in a woman. Thomas Wilfe, an American author and journalist, says there is no sight on earth more appealing than the sight of a woman making dinner for someone she loves. 

Few moves in variety and right blend of ingredients will surprise your husband and seduce him to stay at home and not go to ‘don’t mind your wife chop bar’.

Men are also advised to cook with their women and eat together. Even if you cannot cook, just hang out in the kitchen and talk about everything because your relationship in the kitchen has profound impact in all areas of your marriage. 

Eating together is also a simple way to keep in touch. You gain more time to share your thoughts and create stronger bonds.

Stay married. Have fun cooking and eating together. Use good food as a powerful bonding agent. Love your life together and thank God for good food you share.


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