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Connecting with people romantically, emotionally, and physically is really amazing. But there's a lot of work that goes into building a good relationship. What are some tips for having a great relationship? How do you know if your relationship is healthy? How can I make my relationship better? This page has some great articles and stories about relationships.

Eclipse of the heart
Eclipse of the heart

Eclipse of the heart

"Prepare for my mid-semester exams."

How to help an introverted partner thrive in your relationship

After a long, stressful day at work, you’re ready for some quality time with your significant other. What you do doesn’t matter; you just want to be around someone who loves and understands you. And then, your partner walks in the door, visibly exasperated from an equally high-stress day at the office — and desperate for some time alone. What just happened?

Android users more likely to be unlucky in love, survey finds

There are an immeasurable number of factors that can determine whether someone finds you attractive or not, such as your political bias or your preference for cats or dogs.

Do you submit to your man?

Do you submit to your man?

One of the most important ingredients to a happy relationship is harmony.

7 Ways your first love is still affecting you now

We all remember the firsts in our lives. Our first day of school, our first day in college, and our first day at work — but out of all the firsts what really sticks in our head is our first love.​

Why complete honesty affects relationships in these 3 counterintuitive ways

Is it really possible to be too honest in relationships? The answer is a definite ... maybe.

For most couple children create a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction
For most couple children create a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction

Must you stay in a childless marriage?

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of our Maker’s greatest wonders in a woman. Children are also expression of the love between couples.

Five money mistakes that can destroy a marriage

At the height of wedding season, no one wants to think about divorce.

11 Mistakes you’re making when trying to get over a breakup

Whether the end of your relationship involved a dramatic blowout or was more of a "conscious uncoupling," there's no denying that breaking up is hard.

Couples who spend more on their weddings are more likely to get divorced, study says

Planning a dream wedding can be a costly endeavour but the good news is the less expensive the wedding, the more likely the marriage is to last.

most single parents are women
most single parents are women

The epidemic called single parenting

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Parenting is therefore, a team-work of a father and a mother. This is because each has a unique way of training a child.

7 Warning signs you're dealing with an evil person

Evil can be defined but it’s hard to pen it down. But according to me, there is no such type of special people that exist in this world. But an evil person is someone who engages in malevolent behaviors.

12 Characteristics of truly happy couples

How many couples do you know who are genuinely happy together? Just because they load their social media accounts with selfies and lovey-dovey photos of each other doesn’t mean a couple is happy.

Do remarriages work?

Yesterday the commonest word in marriage was love. Today it is divorce because global studies show that about 60% of all marriages break down with victims cutting across age, tribe, profession, academic qualification, length of marriage and religious faith.

Signs you are about to cheat

You aren’t a bad person for having impulses, for having desires, for thinking bad thoughts, or for wanting bad things. You really can’t help what you want or think.

9 Biggest mistakes men and women make in the first month of a relationship

The first month of dating is an exciting one. And in that excitement, it’s easy to jump ahead and make some big dating mistakes.

8 Cuddle positions couples need to try

After a session of impassioned and strenuous lovemaking, you collapse to the mattress, spent. There's only one thing left to do now — apart from getting a glass of water and/or going to the bathroom — that's right, it's time to cuddle.

16 Relationship lessons I learned from my dad

Space is key. He once said to me, "You know what, you're like a dog. If your partners keep you on a long lead, you'll always come back." Still bit offended about that one TBQH. 

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