No sacrifice, no gain

BY: Wise Chukwudi Letsa
Making the change is what requires sacrifice.

Ask anyone who has been able to control his/her food intake and also exercise well to achieve his/her health goals how he/she did it, and you will hear the word “sacrifice” somewhere in the answers.

We see this at work every day when our patients return for review, and so it is not strange if I say without sacrifice, you gain nothing in terms of good health and healing from diseases in general. This is not only about diseases that have to be managed with diet, far from it. Medication usage calls for lots of sacrifice as well. The faint-hearted cannot take medicines, not to talk about taking them every day for life or for long periods.
This column has over the years provided a lot to do about diet and health, changes to make and we receive good feedback from readers. Some people have been able to deal with complex medical conditions because of the tips they get from here. Without putting in the necessary sacrifices, those achievements would not have been possible.

Many times, people have to change from their normal and convenient way of eating in order to manage their health condition well. Their former way of doing things usually fits into their lifestyle and work schedule perfectly, but after they learn the fact that those ways of life have not been helpful, a new way of life emerges.

Making the change is what requires sacrifice. Those who cannot sacrifice cannot make any change. They remain where they are and oversee the worsening of their conditions.

Can you imagine how difficult it will be to eat without sugar? You have lived your life for more than 50 years, you add sugar to your porridge and tea for all those years; then all of a sudden, you are said to be diabetic, meaning that you have to eat without sugar. Where will you start from? This is not a case of just simply ditching the foods that require sugar. You cannot easily do without those foods and so eating them without sugar is the way to go.

To effect this change, one has to sacrifice the sweetness of sugar. One has to be strong in the mind. One has to be psychologically prepared.

The fact is, many people have been there. They were able to do it. Many of such people resort to the use of sugar substitutes; that is acceptable, but there is nothing like sugar. Substitutes do not taste like sugar; though they are sweet, their sweetness is different. Switching to their use even requires some sacrifice.

This can be said of eating well in general. Everyone is, therefore, advised to put in the needed sacrifice so he/she can move away from the habits which do not help. Often in the face of illness and disease, the energy required to put in the necessary sacrifices appears; then sufferers are able to do the right things.

How wonderful will it be to put the sacrifice ahead of any possible sickness situation. Doing the hard job of giving away all the bad food at a time when there is no bad condition is the best.

This is where everyone should be. That is my wish for you. That is what you should wish for yourself. And not just wish, but actualise. Start in baby steps, with time you will become a pro.
The call is coming to you once more; eat well and exercise – sacrifice to achieve these and you will never regret it.

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