Possible New Year side hustles

BY: Gloria Apprey

Given the current economic hardship in the country, side hustling has become the new normal.  Side hustle is a slang that describes a job or occupation that brings in extra money beyond one's regular job and main source of income.

With the onset of the new year, a new opportunity has been offered many people to find their interests in order to turn them into profitable ventures. One such opportunity is consultancy services.

Consultancy as described by targetjobs.com is the act of offering expert advice and coaching to clients, be they companies or individuals, to help improve  businesses and personal lives.

It is a transferable skill that requires problem-solving, leadership and confidence abilities but also very simple to start. Engaging in consultancy services can be started from one’s bedroom with just a computer and a smart phone and a working Internet connection.

The Mirror  spoke to an Accounting consultant, Mrs Ophelia Mawuena Tsenuokpor, to shed light on the art to aid in making an informed decision.  Mrs Tsenuokpor is  primarily a Chartered Accountant. Aside from her main job, she is a life coach, an advocate for wellness of women and a partner with ENM Associates, a firm that provides consultancy services in Accounting to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s) in Ghana. 

She said choosing consultancy as a side hustle was easy and straightforward because “If you have any skill set, be it baking, cooking, hairstyling, interior decorating, writing, driving, cleaning, psychology, you can basically be a consultant. Monetising that skill is imperative because it involves intellect, problem-solving skills, time”.

According to her, her consultancy gigs and others were born from a hobby and talent. She first gained interest in it when she realised people and colleagues valued and implemented her opinions. She explained that “consulting is in our everyday lives, when you have a skill and develop it through practice, you can become an expert in your field and be able to teach others in retun for a fee. It can involve coaching, working on thesis for tertiary students, advising, law, counselling, teaching, social media management, writing, lecturing, accounting services. It can be done with just a smartphone or a computer over zoom, Facebook live, Whatsapp, etc as a starting point”.

Mrs Ophelia Mawuena Tsenuokpor is an Accounting Consultant

Mrs Tsenuokpor added that consultancy had advantages which included broadening  one’s intellectual scope and mental agility. In her job, she is required to read, research, write and analyse often, think fast and act smart, making her a well rounded person.

“It is also flexible in terms of time which favours her as a mother.” “I must say consultancy is also very lucrative if done well. I believe, if you are good at what you do, people will pay your worth. As such, persistency and hard work is key to unlocking bigger and better gigs,” she stated.

In growing one’s side hustle in consultancy and others, social media (it is the best place to reach millions of people at once), friends and connections can be effective marketing tools. 

Mrs Tsenuokpor advised that in order to grow, constructive criticisms were essential for improvement in order to compete in  a dynamic environment.

“If anyone is interested in consultancy as a side hustle,  keeping proper records of clients and their different needs is imperative”, she recommended. 

She said that any side hustler should meticulously record sales, profits and losses in order to measure output against input. A simple excel spreadsheet or notepad record goes a long way. Mobile applications such as, YouTube, google primer, Microsoft excel, etc. are very useful in this regard, she advised.

The Mirror has observed other side hustles that  have gained grounds in the country and  seem to be fetching a good income for many.  Wig making is one of such trends that many  young women have ventured into.

With the influx of closures, frontals, braids, and headband wig caps, gaining knowledge of how they are made could fetch a good income. 

Some basic wig making tools

According to Amanda Wulff of Hair tales by Mandy in Osu, wig caps can sell anywhere between GH₵ 100 and GH₵ 3000.00 depending on quality. Basic wig making tools include needles, t-pins, thread, dome caps and mannequins or canvas heads, she added.

Gift wrapping and money bouquet  are also  fast growing  cash hustles. It is simply wrapping presents and packages in decorative materials such as paper, containers and boxes.  Money bouquet is a fun way of arranging a sum of money of different denominations to look like a bouquet . 

Shito, a Ghanaian staple that is enjoyed by many is another hustle. It is a simple recipe and straightforward to prepare. When packaged well, it can be sold in marts, restaurants, individuals, grocery stores, etc. 

The good thing about side hustles is that, it can start from  your room, takes minimum effort and tutorials are available over the Internet.

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