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A father is an anchor man

BY: Arku Jasmine

Fatherhood is a gift to humanity. A Ffather is an anchor man. He stabilises and builds his family as he directs, provides, organises, inspires and influences the activities of the family. A father’s role is, therefore, an important indicator to the health of a family.

A family is also the basic unit of the society. When we build strong families, we build a strong society. It is, therefore, appropriate that we celebrate fatherhood.

The origin of Father’s Day is traced to Semora Deod whose mother died while she was giving birth to her. Her father, an ex military officer, made great sacrifices to care for her and her other five siblings single-handedly.

In 1910, grown and married, Semora organised a holiday in honour of her father and all fathers. Father’s Day is traced to a child, woman and a man. It is, therefore, a celebration for all.

To children

Honour your father because it is God’s first command with a promise, that all will go well with you and you will enjoy long life.

It is tempting for some to ignore their fathers because they were not there for them but two wrongs do not make right.

This command has nothing to do with how well or badly your father treated you. If your father wasn’t there for you, see it as God’s way to make you stronger and wiser. If nothing at all, your father is the reason for your life.

Make time for your father this special day.  Go down memory lane. Talk about the past; the happy and sad days and the exciting moments you shared. Send a gift, especially something you know will be very useful to him.

Send something you can afford. Your gift need not be expensive. It is the idea behind it that matters.

To fathers

Attitude is everything. This means you need a good attitude to be a good father. The most important thing is to love all your children unconditionally because it is what they need most for their holistic development.

Your love builds their self-esteem and gives them a positive outlook in life. For example, a study done in a hospital showed that when fathers showed great love, their children recovered very fast.

Make time for your children. Share activities with them to help them develop their skills. You also get the chance to know them better and guide them along their talent. Listen to them because sometimes God speaks to us through the childish comments they make.

My days in ‘motown’ as a chemistry teacher have convinced me that most fathers are total strangers to their children.

You mention a concern about a student and his father comes to defend him only for him to turn around and apologise because he now finds out that he was wrong.

Many fathers leave for work early and get home very late when their children are asleep. If you put your work ahead of your children and find your children have developed negative behaviour, whatever you achieve will not count.

Show positive encouragement. Each day find out what your chidden have done well and praise them. If you focus on the positive things they do, their negatives will diminish.

This means you will not give bad names to your children, give up on them or curse them.

God does not make junk. Every child has a talent. It is your responsibility to help your child to make the best of his talents.
Work as a team.

Your children need the combined efforts of mother and father for their development because fathers and mothers have different styles and strengths in parenting.

You must harmonise your roles to enhance discipline and growth in your family.

Fatherhood is a gift to humanity.

Without fathers, there can be no mothers or children. Celebration of fathers is, therefore, a celebration for all. Happy Father’s Day.

By John Boakye
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The writer is the Director of Eudoo Counselling Centre, West Legon. He is also the author of ‘
Your guide to marriage’ and ‘Love unlimited’.