Queen Elizabeth's iconic style moments

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah
Her Royal Majesty had a trusted person who was the curator of her wardrobe

One thing you can’t take away from Queen Elizabeth II is her fashion sense.  From brooches, stylish brimmed hats, top handle handbags to colourful dress suits, Her Majesty the Queen always steps out looking very classy.

When you take a look at her pictures, it would be difficult to tell which of the vibrant colours the Queen left out of her numerous outfits. From colours like pink, magenta, purple, fuchsia, orange, blue, red, yellow, cyan, green among others there is always a befitting matching hat, a bag that sits well with her pair of shoes and gloves at any time.


Indeed, a lot of effort went into what the late Queen who passed away peacefully on September 8, 2022 wore to the many events we saw her participating in.

Her Royal Majesty had a trusted person who was the curator of her wardrobe. She is Angela Kelly a British fashion designer, dressmaker, and milliner, who served as the Personal Assistant and Senior Dresser to Queen Elizabeth II from 2002 to the Queen's death in 2022.

Fabrics were test-driven for limited rustling and anti-crease appeal, and weighted at the hemline to prevent gusts of wind blowing it. Subtle prints were employed to prevent marks from showing, and there were even detachable underarm pads to conceal perspiration.

For her trips overseas, outfits were designed to equally compliment the host nation's customs and culture.

Her white gloves were carefully designed by Cornelia James, a British glove maker and businesswoman. It is said that the Queen sometimes changed her gloves several times a day, and wore hats anchored with a matched hatpins which were coordinated with her much-favoured Rayne or Anello & Davide mid-heel shoe.

Interestingly, there is a staff member who always does the first fitting by walking around the Buckingham Palace grounds in the monarch’s new shoes to break them in before she wears any new shoes to prevent any foot pains when the shoes are tight. There is no way the Queen would walk in shoes she doesn’t feel comfortable in.


Her modest-sized leather bags were from Launer. A British manufacturer of luxury handbags and other small leather goods founded in 1940 by Sam Launer Stewart.

Parvin, who has designed for the Queen since 2000, revealed that outfits were filed by name and cataloged according to where she'd worn it and who she'd met. "That's why people will think she wears things once, because there's such a system," Parvin said.

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