Activate your colour clashing mode

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

As we slide into the last quarter of the year, the fashion trend we have to look out for is colour clashing. If you are the type who loves loud colours, then you would certainly love the colour clashing trend.

Do you remember about five years ago there was a fashion trend called colour blocking? Colour blocking is the combination of two or more solid colours in one outfit. Three colours in one dress will count as colour blocking. You can have solid colours in three layers such as trouser/skirt, a T-shirt and jacket with three colour combinations.

Clashing colours is an easy fashion trend to follow. You can experiment with the shades you wear together to give them a new lease of life this season.

Fashion is changing to explore the full depth of colour, and we couldn’t be happier! There is nothing better than a colourful outfit that ‘shouldn’t’ work but just does!

Sometimes, you come across some beautiful dresses, skirts or trousers but because the colour is a bit loud, it is difficult to think through your things to get something that will match it.

This is why colour clashing is a very simple but classy trend you can follow. This technique is the use of neutral colours like black, white, brown, etc with a pop of colour to accentuate the whole outfit.

We know ladies love to experiment with bright colours. For instance, you can have a shocking pink bag and shoe but don’t know the colour of the dress that will combine well with it. You clash it with an emerald green dress and bingo, you are just cool to go.
You can also try all purple/lilac and clash it with a yellow bag and shoe for a wedding or a cocktail party.

The men can do a black shirt with trousers and clash it with an orange or yellow blazer. Guys who love the various shades of blue can also do all blue and clash it with a wine or red shoe for a smart casual event.

Don’t panic if a bold colour isn’t in your comfort zone. You don’t have to wear flashy shades all over. One statement piece can be just as effective if you choose carefully.

Accessories are an ideal step into brightness. Try a neat bag in apple green against a chic black ensemble and you will simply love it.

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