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Fri, Sep

Regulate activities of children on social media — Prof. Oduro

 A section of the students at the graduation ceremony.

The University Primary School in Cape Coast has organised its 16th Speech and Prize-giving Day with a call on parents to guide children when they use social media platforms.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Professor George Oduro, who made the call, noted that the excessive use of social media was gradually making children develop poor social skills which make them unable to relate very well with others.

“Some of our children are becoming socially awkward because there is hardly any face to face communication with friends. So m­uch time is spent communicating with friends on social media rather than in person,” he stated.

The occasion was celebrated on the theme: “The Emergence of Social Media and Its Implication for Discipline.”

The day was climaxed with the launch of the school’s 30th anniversary and the unveiling of the ultra-modern classroom block project.

Prof. Oduro also cautioned students not to fall prey to the numerous negative effects of social media because it could harm their future. 

He noted that the excessive use of social media was also leading to low performance in social activities and a drop in the grades of some children in school.

Prof. Oduro advised parents and teachers to upgrade their knowledge of social media platforms so that they “can regulate the content and time their children spend on social media platforms.”

He admonished parents not to neglect their children because of their busy schedules but to spend more time with them than they are doing now.

The Headmistress of the school, Mrs Kate Frimpong, commended the students for their hard work and achievements during the past years.

She thanked students and teachers for actively participating in the academic and social competitions the school had engaged in and for their efforts in raising the flag of the school high.

The headmistress called on parents to monitor and discipline their children to help in moulding their character. 

Mrs Frimpong also asked parents to address the challenges of improper dressing and lateness to school.