Letters to the Editor: Don’t allow criticisms to affect your goals

BY: Junior Graphic
Focus on winning academic laurels as Tracy Awusah of the Famiy Life International School is doing when she received a prize from Mrs Millicent Owusu, the proprietress of the school.

Dear Editor, I want to tell my peers  not  to criticise or judge people wrongly, especially if they don’t have evidence to support their allegations. 

I am not too old but I have come to realise that people will talk about you no matter what you do or who you are. 

Amass wealth through hard work, dress extravagantly or simply, and they will talk about you. Be poor, rich, jobless, brilliant or dull, and they will talk about you. It is difficult to understand human nature. 

In spite of all these, we should not let their comments affect us in any way. As children, we all have dreams and aspirations. In order to achieve these , we have to work hard towards our goals in life.

We should not allow these criticisms to sway us but  stay focussed, and with hard work and determination, God will crown our efforts with success.

We should know that these criticisms have become part of human life and we should learn to live with them. Above all, achieving our dreams should be our ultimate goal. 

Priscilla Addo,
The Nest School Complex,
Takoradi Anaji.