Nothing good comes easy

BY: Abigail Bonsu

I guess you’ve heard about the sayings: ‘Nothing good comes easy’ and ‘No pain no gain’. That is how life really is. Simply put, suffer to gain.

That is how life really is. Simply put, suffer to gain.

Many young people who have virtually everything going for them take life so easy and hardly put in the needed effort to excel.

Somehow, they take things so easy because they get virtually everything they ask for from their parents. This, unfortunately, makes them seem to forget that the role their parents are playing now is only for the period they are still children and dependent.  Don’t forget this is a phase which will surely pass away.

Have you each considered why no parent is cared for by his or her parents now?  The reason is simple — your parents are now adults who also have their own children to take charge of themselves.

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So, as you also grow up, you have to learn to manage your time, life and the few resources available to you, so that gradually you can become independent during adulthood.

It must, however, be pointed out that adults cannot really say they had the ultimate hand in how they have turned out today.

But I promise you they played a big role in their situation now.

That is why if you are fortunate to have parents who are affluent or in a position to provide all that you need and also top it up with the other things you ask for which you could really do without, you should not take that for granted.

You may not be in need now because your parents did all in their power — studied very hard, struggled day and night and worked tirelessly — to build a business and make enough money for the family.

It is through their toil and travail that you, as their children, are enjoying good lives.  Would you not want your children also to have the opportunities you have and even more?  I doubt that.  So do not take your situation now for granted and laze about, skip classes, play truant, join bad company, lie in bed all day and ignore advice from your teachers, parents and other adults.

It is time to recognise the sacrifices your parents have made for your pleasure and sit up to do the best for yourself now.

Need I tell you that all the nice clothes, ipads and iphones, latest HD television, game boy play station 3, holiday abroad and all the other goodies you enjoy will come to nothing if you do not work seriously at your books now to achieve something meaningful for yourself?

So if you have not thought seriously about all this, then the time to reconsider your actions is now.  Act now to be able to build a good and great life for yourself and your future.

Homily by Nana Esi Mensima