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My Friends Tease Me

Dear Auntie Betty,
I am 12 years old and in JHS One.
I have fallen in love with a boy in my class. I even wish he stayed in my house.
My mates tease me by calling me by his name but I want them to stop, so that I can concentrate on my studies.
What should I do?
Maryanne, Accra.
Dear Maryanne,
Once you have made your intentions known to your friends, they will continue to tease you because of the boy.
You know what? It is not everything that you have to talk to your friends about. You are now an adolescent and may find people of the opposite sex attractive, but the way you handle this is very important.
You can overcome that feeling once you join all your mates in school to have fun, study, etc.
At your age once you talk about loving a boy or girl, your friends will be excited about it because they may also be feeling the same way but would want to hide their feelings and mock you with what you have told them.
So learn to behave in a mature way by finding ways to overcome such things. It’s always good to tell an adult you trust such things. He or she can and will help you, not your friends who are inexperienced just like you.
As a children, your duty is to study to get this behind you and study because that will help you build a good future for yourself.