He doesn’t want to talk to me

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 14-year-old girl. A boy in my class is not talking to me but I don’t know what I have done to him. I want to talk with him. What should I do?

Adelaide, Accra.


Dear Adelaide, It could be that you have done something to the boy that you are not aware of and that is why he does not want to talk to you. If you are not comfortable with it, you have to go to him and find out the reason for his actions. 

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He might tell you so that you can both iron things out; and if you are wrong, do apologise to end the matter. But in case he does not give you any tangible reason for his behaviour, you should give him some space. 

 Meanwhile, don’t be rude to him or talk about him because that will compound the situation. If he still does not want to talk to you after all this, just let him be and enjoy your friendship with your other mates. He will thaw with time if he has no good reason for his behaviour.