Auntie Betty advices you: I am not in love with her

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Dear Auntie Betty,
I am a boy who is 16 years and in junior high school Form Three. When school re-opened this term, I didn’t feel like talking to a particular girl in my class.

The girl told her friends and our teachers that I am her enemy. The teachers are saying that I have fallen in love with the girl and that is why I don’t want to talk to her. Unfortunately, that is not true because I have not fallen in love with her neither have I  proposed to her. I will never do that because I know  I am a child and should not do that. How do I prove to them that I am not in love with the girl?

Danny, Kaneshie.

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Dear Danny,
It is not good not to be talking to some of your mates.  You should learn to be at peace with everyone.  If the girl has offended you in any way, you need to let her know so that it can be resolved. Danny, if you were talking to her just as you do  with your other mates, your teachers and everyone else will not be thinking the way they are now. If there is any problem, you have to open up and talk about it so that the problem can be solved.
Your teachers should not be teasing you also. It would be good to find teachers who you can talk to to intervene on your behalf. I am sure the teacher you will speak to will use wisdom to deal with this and resolve it. However, do not quarrel with anyone.
It is also good that you have realised that this is not the right time for you to start a relationship. Right now, what you need to do is to concentrate on your books and pass all your exams.