Man in wife-sharing saga sacked, gone into hiding

BY: Isaac Yeboah

Mr Sylvester Mwendwa, one of the two husbands who had agreed to share a woman in tears on August 26, 2013 after being thrown out of the ‘marriage’ agreement by the wife. A man who agreed to sign a contract with another to share a woman has been fired.

The butcher, Mr Sylvester Mwendwa, 26, who over the weekend openly declared his love for the widow said that his boss fired him after he heard the story.

Mr Mwendwa was not shy to reiterate his love for the woman saying: “I love her for real and I was ready to do anything for her even if it meant sharing her with another man,” even as he claimed that his life was in danger after receiving threatening messages.

After their relationship with Joyce Wambui and another man went public, Mr Mwendwa has now gone into hiding, fearing for his life.

“I cannot go back home because I do not feel safe, I know Wambui is hurt, but you can never joke with a woman; she is cable of doing anything” he said on Monday in an interview with the Nation.

He said his love for Wambui was so deep that he could go to the extent of sharing the love with another man by signing an agreement.

“I have been living with this woman for more than four years as man and wife according to African traditions. The only thing that I had not done is pay bride price, but I have fulfilled all her needs,” he said.

Mr Mwendwa further revealed that he had been taking care of Wambui’s twins for years in addition to renting a one-room house for her. The children, he said, call him father.


Speaking to the Nation at Bamburi, he said he did what he did for love and he is not sorry.

About having children he said: “I had not planned to have children with her due to financial strains and I also considered that she had young children.”

“I adopted the children when they were one-year-old. Having twins, I could not let her go through it again so we waited for them to grow up before we could think of having our own” he said.

When asked how special Wambui was, Mr Mwendwa could not hide his grin, saying: “It’s not because she is a superwoman, but because she is a hard-worker and very beautiful.

“But she has hurt me deeply even after agreeing to share her,” he said, referring to Wambui’s decision to kick him out.

Even after learning that she used to bring in another man — Kimani — when he was away, Mr Mwendwa said he was willing to continue loving Wambui.

Source: Daily Nation