Madiba is fastest rising search item on the web

BY: Arku Jasmine

Nelson MandelaSince former president, Nelson Mandela's admission to a Pretoria hospital on Saturday, his name has become one of the top searched on the net.

It's the third time this year the global icon was admitted to hospital. According to the Google Insight Stats, an online analytical tool,

"Tata", as he is fondly known, is the number one fastest rising search item on the web. Reports say the surge in online search terms around the world include Nelson Mandela and Apartheid.

When it comes to the top web searches Madiba occupies number seven and number nine in the fastest rising topics in the country over the last few days.

Online Marketing expert's Dave Duate says: “I think by this it shows that people are more concerned, the only way he will get more popular is when we see change in his condition either better or worse”.

The news of Mandela's admission to hospital first came through a statement by the Presidency and later went viral worldwide. President Jacob Zuma has said the elderly statesman is in good hands.

 Source: Sabc.co.za