Theodosia Okoh hockey pitch in deplorable state

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Hockey pitch window
One of the broken windows at the Hockey pitch

Lack of regular maintenance has left the Theodosia Okoh Hockey pitch in very deplorable state barely nine years after it was renovated to host the Hockey Africa Cup of Nations.

Although the pitch host regular hockey competitions each week, the visible deterioration has made the $10m investment sunk into giving the facility a facelift by former President, Evans Atta Mills, meaningless.

A visit to the facility by Graphic Sportsonline on Tuesday exposed the poor maintenance culture as various parts of the stadium were yet to see any maintenance.

There were visible cracks on the walls, while most of the ceilings in the various offices had caved in. Some electrical installations including air conditioners were not functioning while most of the glass windows had all broken.

Worst of them all was the water-based turf which had not been maintained for some time now and human activities of from the lorry station nearby had left polythene littered all over the pitch. The seats in the stands had faded due to exposure to the harsh weather condition.

The Greater Accra Regional Sports Director, Richard Iddrisu Ewunthomah, told Graphic Sportsonline in an interview that he blamed the Hockey Association for the poor state of the facility and believed they could have done better than just neglecting the stadium to rot.

“ The money the Ghana Hockey Association get from hiring the facility to outsiders are kept by the Association and have not been used to properly maintain the place, hence the challenges the facility faces”, he note.

He recalled that due to the poor maintenance attitude of the Association forced the National Sports Authority to direct the Regional Sports Authority to take over the management of the place which the but the Ghana Hockey Association remain adamant to release it.