Gramophone Chorus win maiden Choralympics

Author: Derrick Elorm Adzokpa
Gramophone chorus team with the ultimate trophy

It was all fun at the Presbyterian Boys Secondary School field, Legon recently when the maiden Choralympics came to an end with host, Gramophone Chorus, being crowned the overall champions.with 77 points.

The one-day event, which marked the fifth anniversary of Gramophone Ghana, saw nine choirs contending with the host for honours. They included Tema Youth Choir, Voichestra Ghana from Cape Coast, Glorious Philharmonic Choir, Glorious Chorus, DYC Choir, Trinity United Church Youth Choir, Harmonious Chorale, Vocal Essence Chorale and Dam City Choir from Accra.

Both male and female choristers competed fiercely in football, volleyball, table tennis, 100m race, lime and spoon and other indoor games such as oware, ludo, scrabble and draughts.

The games were preceded by an aerobics session as the participating teams went through various drills to warm up for the task ahead in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Gramophone Ghana, after winning the volleyball and football titles, soared higher to win the draughts event as well.

However, Dam City Choir emerged tops in the lime and spoon race, scrabble and oware; Vocal Essence Chorale won the 100m race, while Voichestra snatched the table tennis title.

In the female category, Voichestra Ghana made their presence felt by winning the ludo and oware events, while DYC Choir picked the lime and spoon trophy. Tema Youth Choir brushed aside all their opponents to win the 100m race.

Vocal Essence Choir emerged winners in the female volleyball competition, with Glorious Philharmonic Choir lifting the scrabble trophy.

In the overall standings, Tema Youth Choir came second with 73 points, while Dam City settled for the third position with 60 points.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Operations Manager of Gramophone Ghana and the Anniversary Committee Chairman, Joseph Edusa-Eyison Jnr, said he was pleased with the performance of the teams and hoped that such a competition would create a stronger bond among the various choirs in the country.