GAA executive must account for their stewardship - Haldane-Lutterodt

Author: Kwame Larweh
George Haldane-lutterodt--A lone voice in the fight for accountability at GAA

A sports financier and former athletics chief, George Haldane-Lutterodt, says the current executive of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), must be made to account for their stewardship of the association over the past decade.

He contended that under the Prof. Francis Dodoo-led GAA, Ghana has not achieved any remarkable feat in athletics, hence it was about time they accounted for their inefficiency.

“Someone must ask the Professor Dodoo-led GAA what they have achieved since taking the mantle of leadership over the past decade,” he questioned.

Mr Lutterodt, who spoke to the Daily Graphic in an interview in Accra last Tuesday, appealed to the government to step in and take over the administration of athletics in the country.

“The state must rise up and let these self-seeking GAA executive know that athletics is a national sport and that the GAA is a national association and not one person’s property.” he stated.

He decried the fact that no World Championship medals had been won by athletes in the sport under the leadership of Prof. Dodoo.

“We have become just spectators in these World Championships; we are not even noted in the various competitions. In fact, we don’t even go beyond the first stage,” he noted.

He, therefore, called for a national dialogue to help chart a new path for athletics in the country and save the discipline from the doldrums.