Bissa Fitness Club launched in Accra

Author: Kwame Larweh
Hussein Hassan Yorda

A fitness club for the Mande ethnic group of Bissa in north eastern Ghana has been launched at the Wembley Sports Arena at Kotobabi in Accra.

The club, named Bissa Fitness Club (GH), will regularly organise health walks, fitness exercises and aerobics across the country.
The launch, which took place last Saturday, witnessed the convergence of Bissa citizens in Greater Accra, including the Minister for Zongo and Inner City Development, Dr Mustapha Hamid, and a former Sports Minister, Dr Mustapha Ahmed, in attendance.

The event also attracted local chiefs, community leaders and elders from the Bissa tribe, and reverberated with the Bissa dance and culture.

The president of the club, Hussein Hassan Yorda, told the Daily Graphic that the club was formed to engender peace and harmony among the indigenes of the Bissa tribe.

“We are also inviting all Ghanaians to join the Bissa Fitness Club-GH to let us exercise and collaborate for the greater health of the country,” he stated.

He added that the fitness club was also expected to bring together the youth of Bissa to collectively tap their knowledge and develop the Bissa community.

Speaking on the theme ‘Uniting Bissa youth of Ghana through fitness and well-being, education and empowerment to facilitate meaningful development’, various speakers called on the people of Bissa to be proud of their heritage and work together to ensure the growth, development and success of the Bissa people and tribe.