Zlatan Ibrahimovic backs Jose Mourinho against 'personal' criticism

Author: George Ernest Asare
Jose Mourinho with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Former Manchester United prolific striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has described media criticism against his former boss, Jose Mourinho,  as  “part of the circle”.

Speaking to Sky Sports News  he said  it was time for Mourinho to  "stand up for what he is doing",adding that they are both victims of "personal" criticism.

"Some critics I feel personal, some critics are exaggerating, some because of the way he is, some because of jealousy. But all this is part of the circle” He explained.

"Everybody criticises Mourinho and I don't think it's because of the results, it's because of the character, because of the way he is," Ibrahimovic, known for his own outspoken attitude, noted

"I see myself also a little bit in that situation, we have our confidence, we believe in things, we say certain things. In our own way.

"Of course we get the blame, we get criticised more when it is not going good, but when it is going good and we win, the satisfaction is bigger than the other ones that are political, think they're perfect, and want to be no trouble for the media so the media never attacks them.That is not us, we are ourselves, we believe in what we do and we do it until the end.," he added.

Ibrahimovic, who also played for French Ligue 1 giants, PSG helped Mourinho to win the EFL Cup and the Europa League in their first season at Old Trafford in 2016-17, scoring 28 goals after signing on a free transfer.

"On what Mourinho should do, Ibrahimovic said Mourinho has to keep being himself, stand up for what he is doing and stand up for what he is.

"He is there because he did it his own way, because he is who he is and don't change for anybody" he explained.

"I am exactly the same, I don't change for anybody. Everyone out there who thinks they are perfect, they are the biggest problem out there."he  said

"Jose is doing a good job, you're as good as your team," he added. "There is no coach in the world who can do miracles with a team.