Six of the highest paid Premier League players

Author: Foxsports
Highest paid players
Highest paid players

Despite the fact that it’s hard to justify, the salaries of Premier League players just keep on rising. One can’t really blame the players themselves because it’s not they who negotiate the deals nor are they the clubs willing to pay such inflated figures. Are they worth the money? Well, that really depends on whether you define their worth in terms of goals scored, completed passes etc.

Let’s see who the six biggest earners in the English top flight are…

#6 Romelu Lukaku – £250,000 per week

Often compared to Messi and Ronaldo at the same age because of his goals for column, the frontman has tailed off worryingly, and, like Sanchez, is spending time warming the United bench.

It’s criminal that a centre-forward of his stature and power isn’t dominating opposing defences both in the aerial exchanges and on the floor.

His confidence is shot to pieces, but the only way he can improve is to keep at it, in the eye of the storm.

Taking him out of the starting line up will have served as a wake-up call, but if Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to lose him completely, then some trust wouldn’t go amiss.

A not inconsequential quarter of a million pounds a week is being paid into Lukaku’s bank account and United need some value for that spend.

#5 Kevin De Bruyne – £280,000 per week

Another player on this list who is always in the headlines for the right reasons. A manager’s dream.

The Belgian is dedicated to his craft and it’s something he’s an expert at. No nights on the town, no flash tattoos or souped-up supercars.

Just good old-fashioned, honest hard work.

The fruits of his labour can be seen right the way through Manchester City’s title-winning teams, and it’s true that everyone would love a Kevin De Bruyne in their team.

The crème de la crème.

#4 N’Golo Kante – £290,000 per week

What a player! What a man. A smile and a demeanour that you can’t fail to love. N’Golo Kante, despite being one of the best midfielders in the league, seems to be just about the most humble too.

A World Cup winner and two-time Premier League champion, Kante still gives maximum effort in every single game.

He is a tireless workaholic and seems to barely break a sweat yet covers every blade of grass.

No wonder Maurizio Sarri said that it was “very, very good news for the club” when the player put pen to paper.

With his goals to games ratio the only area that genuinely needs work, Chelsea will be delighted to have secured his services for another five years.

An example to everyone.

#3 Paul Pogba – £290,000 per week

Paul Pogba is a player who has made a rod for his own back.

Thanks to the #Pogback hashtag, there was a feeling that coming ‘home’ would bring the best out of the Frenchman, who’d left the Red Devils once before when minutes had been hard to come by.

Certainly, in the initial stages, the move appeared to be working out with the player marauding around the Old Trafford pitch, pinging 50-yarders to feet with ease.

And yet, it seemed his showmanship didn’t sit well with Mourinho who changed Pogba’s position, thereby diluting his influence considerably.

This led, eventually, to an erosion of the player/coach relationship and ‘noise’ on more than one occasion from Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola.

In the battle of words and war of wills, Raiola promised that Pogba would be leaving, and the feud was captured on television cameras for all to see.

As of the present time, there are rumours he will be leaving – again – but no concrete offer. Frankly, only the biggest clubs on the continent could afford him.

#2 Mesut Ozil – £306,250 per week

Under Unai Emery, Mesut Ozil has been transformed.

Often derided for being lazy and nowhere close to earning his vast wage, the midfielder has been much more involved thanks to a slight tactical tweaking by the Spaniard.

It’s helped of course that every player has bought into Emery’s way of working and success has followed.

When a team is playing well, and, as importantly, always giving one hundred percent, they’ll be forgiven for most things by the supporters.

It’s noticeable that no one is mentioning Ozil’s salary for that reason. Along with Sanchez, he’s the only player in the league earning over the £300,000 threshold.

#1 Alexis Sanchez – £315,000 per week

Whether players like it or not, when they are paid top dollar the expectation is there from the first minute.

More so if you’re unveiled in the way Alexis Sanchez was. Mounting one of their biggest social media campaigns for years, the message was clear. The Chilean was big business.

His form at Arsenal would’ve suggested the same.

However, since he’s pulled on the red shirt for Manchester United, he’s flattered to deceive in almost every game he’s played.

You can count on the fingers of one hand how many times he has positively influenced the outcome of a United result.

No wonder Jose Mourinho has relegated him to the bench.