Rooney declines first class flights, private hotels from DC United

Author: Daily Mail
Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney's arrival in Washington D.C. has undeniably turned DC United's season around. 

In 19 games, he's netted 12 goals and got nine assists, while only picking up one yellow card. After an awful start to the season, Rooney helped them secure a playoff spot. 

Despite having such a huge impact, DC United's marquee signing doesn't want any special treatment.

In an attempt to integrate better with the squad and feel part of the team, Wayne Rooney says that he turned down the likes of first class flights and private hotel rooms upon moving to the club.

Speaking with Men in Blazers (via Business Insider), Rooney said 'if you are going to be part of the team, you have to be part of the team.

'All in and do the same things. I don't want special treatment - I wanted to be treated the same as the players. I'm part of this team.' 

Despite being one of the most famous players in the MLS, Wayne Rooney is only the ninth highest earner in the league. He does have the fourth top-selling shirt though.

When he compares himself to some of the other big international signings in the MLS, Rooney thinks he's done a better job of integrating himself into his new team.

'It's not rocket science - if you can go and form relationships with the players and speak to them. 

'I know a lot of players who come here, big players in other countries, they haven't attempted to form those relationships or to buy into what the team are doing. I think it is important.

'You do that, and you can have a big impact on the team.' 

D.C United will come up against the Chicago Fire on Sunday, where they will attempt to secure a home playoff game.