Palmer settles Ruba's surgery bill

Injured Ruba Nuhu
Injured Ruba Nuhu

The president of the Tema Youth Football Club, Wilfred Kweku Osei, has picked up the GHC3,500 bill needed by Ruba Nuhu, a player of Northern Ladies, to undergo a knee surgery.

The gesture was in response to an appeal for support by the player to enable her to undergo surgery to correct a recurring knee surgery.

Ruba, a graduate of the T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School in Kumasi, had sustained an injury during one of their training sessions in 2016 and underwent series of tratments but the injury had resurfaced in recent times which had confined her to her bed.

According to her, she had missed out on a number of opportunities due to the injury and fears that it might rob her of her dream to play for the Black Queens in the future if not treated early.

Mr Osei, aka Palmer, who presented the cash to the player last Sunday, told the Daily Graphic that the gesture was in response to the appeal the player made in the Daily Graphic last week.

“With my experience in football, I appreciate what recurring injuries can do to a player’s career and we are all aware of the challenges that many female footballers face when they get injured. I felt the need to support her so her career is not cut short due to an injury that can be corrected,” Palmer told the Daily Graphic.

Similarly, a Whatsapp group, Sportslife, also raised GHC1,500 for Ruba’s post-surgery rehabilitation.

The player is currently at Nandom waiting to be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible.

The 19-year-old player first got injured three seasons ago and was treated. However, with no action on the local scene, Ruba travelled to Burkina Faso in search of a club but unfortunately aggravated the injury, forcing her to return home to seek support for treatment.