Moroccan League to introduce VAR

Author: BBC
Morocco and Egypt are the first African leagues with plans to adopt Video Assistant Referee technology

Morocco will introduce Video Referee Assistance (VAR) for its top-flight league matches from next season.

The move was announced by Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) president, Fouzi Lekjaa.

It followed a meeting he held with the referees association, Botola 1 club presidents and coaches.

Lekjaa had a stark warning for referees: "Those who are not be qualified for this new technique, will not officiate in Morocco."

Training sessions on the new technology will be organized for all those involved including referees and club officials.

So far on the continent VAR has only been used in both legs of last year's African Champions League final, while Egypt have also said they plan to use the system from next season.

Lekjaa added that the federation has agreed with football's world governing body, Fifa, to adopt the technology.

"The work will be ready at the beginning of the season and the federation will take charge of the financial and technical implementation of the new systems," he added.

"Even with the use of VAR refereeing errors will remain but they can be controlled,

"Despite all the measures taken, refereeing remains a topic of debate nationally and internationally, because football is not an exact science and comes with a lot of emotion."

Lekjaa also added that he recognises the steps being taken to improve and develop refereeing in Morocco.

He also and insisted that national referees body remains completely independent.

"My only appeal to the referees is to continue their seriousness and thoroughness. The federation has never intervened and will never intervene in decisions of the referees association," he added.

Yahia Hadka, director of the National Arbitration Directorate, had already visited FIFA headquarters in Zurich to take part in a training course on the use of VAR.