‘Help horn football talent of inmates

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Madam Patience Baffoe-Bonnie (right)

The deputy director of Ghana Prisons Service, Madam Patience Baffoe-Bonnie, has called on organisations and civil groups to engage prisoners in sporting activities to help inmates rekindle their talents and hopefully to be recruited into football clubs.

Mrs Baffoe-Bonnie who is the officer in charge of James Camp Prisons in Accra, made this statement last Sunday, November 3, on the sidelines after Palace Pentecostal Chapel (PPC), defeated the inmates in a football game which ended 4-2.

“We are urging civil groups and other organistions to come and engage us in sporting activities especially, football so that the sporting talents in our brothers who are in prison can be rejuvenated.

“We are doing an initiative called Integrated Reformation and Rehabilitation, this is to integrate the inmates into societies well when they are released. We believe football or a sport is an area which can help them because they are talented too.

“I want the inmates to play more matches to enable them to be seen and recruited into football teams so that they don’t go back to their previous life which landed them in prisons," she remarked.

Palace Eleven (PPC) scored three goals before the break and just after the recess Campers United (James Camp Prisons) came back strongly to score two goals.

Archbishop Charles Entsuah, founder of PPC told the media that it was the responsibility of all to support the inmates

“This gesture was based on the biblical principles. God required us to support and care for people in need that was why we organised this program. We could all see that the inmates were happy, it makes them feel they are still part of the society." he posited.

The Church also donated food Items including rice and sugar and other toiletries to the inmate.