Head to Head: AFCON Semi-finals

Author: Samuel Amoesi
Algeria celebrating their victory against Ivory Coast

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) semi-finalists, Senegal and Tunisia, are locked up in a tight head-to-head combat, making their clash at the Stadium on Sunday a cracker.

The first semi-final duel of Egypt 2019 will be a match-up of two teams who have met on five occasions in AFCON history, with each side winning once and settling for three drawn games.

Similarly, the second semi-final battle between Algeria and Nigeria will see both teams going into the game with two wins against each other and a draw in as many matches so far.

Sunday’s semi-final clashes will be between two North African nations against two West African counterparts.

the Teranga Lions of Senegal will be in action on Sunday


Senegal – Tunisia

14.11.1965 (Group stage)     Tunis              Senegal 0-0 Tunisia
31.01.2002 (Group stage)     Kayes            Senegal 0-0 Tunisia
07.02.2004 (Quarterfinal)     Rades             Tunisia 1-0 Senegal
23.01.2008 (Group stage)     Tamale           Tunisia 2-2 Senegal
15.01.2017 (Group stage)     Franceville     Senegal 2-0 Tunisia

Troost Ekong of Nigeria would be ready for Algeria on Sunday

Algeria – Nigeria

22.03.1980 (Final)                  Lagos             Nigeria 3-0 Algeria
10.03.1982 (Group stage)     Benghazi        Algeria 2-1 Nigeria
11.03.1984 (Group stage)     Bouake           Algeria 0-0 Nigeria
23.03.1988 (Semifinal)          Rabat             Nigeria 1-1 (9-8 on penalties) Algeria
02.03.1990 (Group stage)     Algiers            Algeria 5-1 Nigeria