Habiba Atta: We’ll make women football more attractive

Author: George Ernest Asare
Madam Habiba Atta Forson

After winning the sole female slot for the Ghana Football Association Executive Council (ExCo) last week, Madam Habiba Atta Forson has given the strongest assurance that she will help to build a legacy for women football that will be cherished by the present and future generations.

The founder and bankroller of Kumasi-based Fabulous Ladies won a close contest by the slimmest of margins in the polls held at the GFA Secretariat on Thursday October 24, after which she pledged to do all within her power and also draw on the experiences of other ExCo members and within the women’s football fraternity to give women’s football a big push.

“There were some missing links in women football when some of us were relegated to the background, but with the support of my constituents I have been brought back [to the centre] to continue from where we started. With God’s guidance, women’s football will be placed at its rightful position in the sporting disciplines in Ghana,” Habiba Atta told Graphic Sports Online in an interview.

The Fabulous Ladies founder said her victory at the polls was a dream come true, as it would give her an opportunity to bring her wealth of experience to bear on policies and how women’s football should be organised to ensure its accelerated development across the country.

 “I feel great that at long last, what I thought before forming a women’s football team  in Kumasi has materialised. I envisioned that one day God would elevate me to my rightful place in women football, and last weeks’ election proved it in spite of the slim victory at the congress.”

“I started women football in Ghana but somewhere along the line, I was relegated to the background. By God’s grace I have been reinstated to my rightful place.That is why I want to thank all those who supported and voted for me that I will not disappoint them,” she assured.

The veteran football administrator believes she has the energy and passion to help push women’s football a notch or two higher through programmes and initiatives that will make women’s football much more attractive to all stakeholders.

 “With the support of all my constituents, we will develop women’s football in a way that will yield good results and leave a legacy that will be appreciated by the present and future generations.”.